Game of the Week: Alien Complex

Posted on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 by

Alien ComplexThe aliens are planning on taking over your city, so it’s up to you to save it in Alien Complex.

Defeat the Aliens, Save the City

Alien ComplexNormally when people use the phrase “what lies beneath” they’re talking about below the ocean surface. But clearly they’ve never experienced Alien Complex. In this game, aliens are building an underground complex, and they’re preparing to attack all of the earthlings living above. In Alien Complex, you have to be the hero and defeat the aliens to save humanity! Travel from room to room underground and collect different items that will help you on your journey to defeat the aliens. You’ll never know when the aliens show up, so make sure you’re always on alert and ready to shoot them down. You have to be the hero here, so make sure you get the job done and save the earthlings in Alien Complex.

Alien Complex

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