Foodpairing – Discover a World of New Flavour Combinations!

Posted on Monday, January 30th, 2012 by

Food Pairing – Chocolate & Chili: Yay or nay? It would appear the great chefs of the world are bored with the usual food combinations we’ve come to expect (fish ‘n’ chips anyone?). They’re exploring ways to make our culinary experiences more interesting, diverse and tasty; pairing foods, ingredients and flavors that we never knew could go together. And FoodPairing is at the forefront of this tasty trend.

Food Pairing is a great looking, interactive website created lovingly by the chefs and food scientists at research company ‘Sense for Taste’. It generates a dynamic ‘FoodPairing Tree’ for any ingredient, with all the possible flavor combinations that would go well with that ingredient circling around it. The closer another ingredient is to it in the tree, the better the combination will taste! Below is a tree for cucumber. You can see that Beijing roast duck goes slightly better with cucumber than country ham, because it’s positioned closer to the center, but they would both still work as flavor combinations! It’s currently being used by more than 200,000 professional chefs, food enthusiasts and mixologists per year, so if it’s good enough for them, imagine how impressive you’re going to look with your imaginative recipes at your next dinner party! Click here or on the Cucumber FoodPairing Tree below to discover a whole new world of flavor combinations.

This is a dynamic 'food pairing tree' for cucumber. There's so many cool new flavor combinations to try!

If you love cooking, but are looking for new recipes, why not try our All My Faves Homepage for the Top Recipes Sites? I guarantee you’ll find something tasty on there, although whether it will sound as fun as cucumber and Costa Rica dark chocolate remains to be seen 😉

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