Flex: Live Video Fitness

Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 by

FlexIt’s hard for some to find time to workout at the gym, and sometimes a home workout isn’t as affective. Flex is all about the live fitness classes, right from your home.

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FlexWe all lead busy lives, and it’s hard to get everything done in a day. For most, the first thing to get cut is a good workout. Flex is an online platform that give people the opportunity to participate in live fitness video classes with their friends and their favorite instructors. The best part, it’s all right from home and nothing has to get cut in a day. Flex wants to make the home workout experience more social and immersive. Flex makes workouts more enjoyable and easier to stick to health and fitness goals. Trainers from all over the world provide classes live over the internet or through the Flex app. There are different workout for everyone and at a variety of levels. Flex is accessible, convenient, cost efficient, and great for those who may be self conscious at a gym. Flex is a great way to keep up with your workouts, have fun with your friends and gain access to some of the best fitness instructors.


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