Explore: Live Cams Of Animals

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 by

ExploreWhether an animal be in the wild, living in a shelter, or becoming a service animal, Explore features live stream of all animals in the World.

All Animals, All Day

ExploreIf we can’t play with animals, swim or interact with animals, we love watching them. It doesn’t matter if they live in the wild, living in shelters, or in someone’s loving home, watching animals is something many enjoy. Explore, is a website covered with live footage of different animals from all over the World. All the cameras are a live feed, so if you see animals doing their thing (whatever it may be) it’s in real time. There is a variety of animals which means a variety of habitats, climates, and interactions. There is a live feed set up to watch whales, polar bears playing and looking for food, service puppies learning new skills and so many more. Along with a live feed of the animals, viewers are provided their location, time, and temperature (if the animals are outside). There is also information about the animals and their habitat location. If a shelter or group have received grants, those are explained as well. Explore is great way to better understand animals and how they react, hunt, play, sleep, etc. without disrupting anything.


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