Dvice – Obsessed with Technology!

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2009 by

Dvice – Are you obsessed with technology? If your answer is yes, then Dvice is a great starting point. Dvice is part of the SCI FI Network and its global team of writers apparently consists of ‘certified’ technology fanatics. This means these savvy guys constantly explore the tech world and provide you with distilled relevant info. Anxious to learn about every single cell phone that comes out? My guess is that for most people, the answer is no but there might be people out there who will appreciate such a comprehensive account. One thing is certain though: if you want to know which phone could change your life, Dvice is the place for you. Not only does this blog offer discussions on useful gadgets, it is also very eclectic, to the point where I felt I was reading about devices taken out of a Sci-Fi movie. Some of my fave posts include: Cooking Gadgets, Safe Trampouline, Walking House and a Cube House. I have signed up to their RSS blog feed, and you?

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