DonorsChoose: Support a Classroom in Need

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2016 by

DonorsChooseSupport a teacher and a classroom and help them both reach their goals with DonorChoose.

Support A Classroom, Build A Future

DonorsChooseIn communities and schools across the country, there are extraordinary teachers helping to change lives of their students. Unfortunately, many of these amazing teachers have to work w/in a small budget and often use their own money too. DonorsChoose is a site where teachers can set up a page for others to donate to their projects (similar to Go Fund me) and have their projects funded. Choose any project that seems inspiring and give any amount. Donating is incredibly easy, browse through the projects and find some that inspire you. Once a project is fully funded, DonorsChoose purchases all the items requested and sends them right to the teachers. Donors then receive thank you notes from the teacher and a description of how every dollar was spent. It’s unfortunate that education is restricted for many due to money, but that can be changed. DonorsChoose is a way to connect the public, to public schools. Plus, as a donor you’re are helping change someone’s life in the process.


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