DOGONews – News for Kids

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2009 by

DOGONews – DOGONews is an online news and web resource for elementary school children, aged 5-10. The content is written in a simple, easy to understand format and it is kept relatively short in order to keep young children focused and interested. Videos are added whenever available. There is also an integrated dictionary for challenging words and a map mash-up to provide a geographical context. The main aim of the site is for kids to read and learn about world events in a fun, interactive and safe environment. In addition to encouraging young kids to read, this section also provides a publishing platform for older kids. DOGONews currently has three young regular contributors ages 9,10 and 14. Why do we think this site might interest you? Well, if you are a kid it is obvious (kids please raise your hands and leave a comment). If you’ve already kissed your younger years goodbye, then this might be a long stretch on my part… Now more seriously, I do believe most people interact with children in some way or another on a regular basis, either through family, friends, work, etc. Therefore, you can share this exciting site with them. The internet is all about sharing, isn’t it?

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