Diffen: Compare Anything

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2016 by

DiffenPeople say you can’t compare apples and oranges, but they probably never tried before. Compare with Diffen.

This vs. That

DiffenWe’re told to not compare things most of the time, but thanks to Diffen we can now compare anything! We’re faced with decisions every day, and we can never decide to go with option A or B, or which person is better than the other, etc. But thanks to Diffen, compare anything you could possibly think of. Take two things you want to compare: brands, food, laws, technology and let Diffen produce the comparison. Facts are generated for both things, making it easy to compare the two things (and in easy to understand terminology). If you have any questions or concerns about anything, just have Diffen compare it and figure out what’s best!


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