Diesel: Bad Guide

Posted on Sunday, December 4th, 2016 by

Diesel: Bad GuideDiesel has released a new fragrance for men, and also a Bad Guide with some words to live by.

Pick Up Practice in Theory

Diesel: Bad GuideFor the launch of Diesel’s new fragrance, they want you to discover the Bad Guide. The guide is providing you with their theories, but it’s you to figure out how to live by them or if at all. The Bad Guide has seven chapters filled with how to handle situations that are a part of every day life. Start with how to be the master of Tinder, conduct yourself at the movies, how to handle yourself on social media and more. Each rule the guide has is to help you to the fullest succeed in all situations. Above all, wearing the newest fragrance Bad. Diesel’s Bad Guide has got you covered for all your life events and situations.

Diesel: Bad Guide

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