Dial2Do – Just Say it!

Posted on Monday, February 23rd, 2009 by

Dial2Do – Imagine yourself sending e-mails, text messages or writing yourself a memo without even typing a word. Sounds obscure, right?  Dial2Do makes this possible. It is a unique hands-free service that allows you to perform the above tasks by simply saying them out loud. How does it work? Some initial typing is required but only for the basic setup; signing up, updating your account and providing the e-mail addresses and cellular number of your recipients. Next, you will dial your Dial2Do given local access number and they’ll guide you through whatever action you wish to perform. For example, to send a text message:

The operator asks “What would you like to do?” You reply “Text”
The operator asks “Text who?” You reply “Michael”
The operator says “Record your text message” You say “Hi Michael, I’m stuck in traffic, can you please pick up the kids? Thanks”

That’s it. Hang up and Dial2Do will translate your vocal message into a text message and send it to your friend. This service is ideal when driving or whenever holding and operating a cellular device is too risky or out of reach. Does it really work? It sure does, I have tried it several times.

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