DevArt: Art Made With Code

Posted on Thursday, November 26th, 2015 by

DevArtArt can be anything and everything, and now art is being created a little differently than we’re used to. Meet DevArt, where art is being created coding.

Art In The 21st Century

DevArtDevArt is changing the face of art as we know it. Coding is one of the hottest trends to learn today, and one of the many ways anything on the Internet is created. But have you ever thought coding to create art would happen? Well it has. DevArt is art made with code, by developers that are constantly pushing the possibilities of creativity and technology. With technology as the canvas and code as the paintbrush, these talented artists are creating never before seen, innovative and engaging digital art. DevArt is giving every artist the opportunity to push the limits of their creative art work and be part of a new movement in art. Currently DevArt is offering classes to children in London, but you never know, these classes may show up in your city offering youngsters an opportunity to learn coding and art.

What Will You Create?

DevArtDevArt has commissioned 3 interactive artists, who will give DevArt a look into their creative process and a unique look into how they use modern technologies to create their art. Each of the artists will create a new installation for the Digital Revolution exhibition. When you visit DevArt, there is an endless amount of works of code art to browse through. Search by project types or just keep on scrolling. DevArt also has a section for young creators. DevArt Young Creators is the education portion of DevArt for school, youth groups, and code clubs designed to inspire a new generation of coders. We only know coding as a way to create websites, etc. but DevArt is changing the way we perceive art and what it can be. Maybe DevArt will inspire you to give coding a try.


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