Decorist: Easy Interior Design

Posted on Monday, May 25th, 2015 by

decorist5Decorist was created to make great interior design accessible to everyone.

Discover Your Design Taste

decorist2Decorist acts as your personal designer, allowing you to choose the right items to fill a space in your home. When you first sign up with the site, Decorist has you build your design profile in order to better understand your tastes and preferences. The webpage displays an animation of a room, and you go through several different pieces of furniture in order to fill out the space. You can choose between different types of couches, tables, lamps and rugs in order to complete the virtual room. When you’re done, Decorist returns an instant analysis of your design preferences. It then displays personalized recommendations for products as well as additional articles and tips.

Ask A Designer Anything

decorist1In addition to the design profile, Decorist also has a few other helpful features. There’s a section called “Ask,” in which you can pose any question about interior design to one of the site’s design experts. You can get as specific as possible, adding photos and text before receiving a detailed answer. There’s also the “Inspire” section, which offers less personalized articles and design tips. The “Shop” section redirects you to places around the web where you can purchase curated items, and you can always ask designers about those specific products, too. Much of Decorist’s services are free, but it can get expensive if you decide to purchase a “Makeover.” Still, for a flat fee ranging from $200 – $800, you can get an entire room redesigned with an excellent plan. Whether you’re wanting personalized help from a design expert or you just want some inspiration to design a room yourself, Decorist has something for you.


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