DecaPost – Read Top News Stories from Every Angle

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2012 by

Puts the coverage of top news stories from all the major news sources in one place

DecaPost – American news coverage is notoriously divisive. We all know it. You either love Fox News and hate MSNBC or visa versa. And you probably just read the news online via the one source you like too. This may work fine for some, but there’s a growing number of online news consumers who aren’t particularly activist one way or another, and they just want to follow the top, trending news stories in a balanced way.

The creators of DecaPost have acted on this concern, creating an interesting site that aggregates the headlines from all the top American news sources (and currently only American), and creates a news center with one main headline, which allows you to follow a particular story, reading coverage from any of the top US news outlets via a live timeline. This new way of following the news definitely gives you a more balanced viewpoint (or alternatively… allows you to see what your enemy newspapers are writing about the same story!) Click here, or on the preview below to try out DecaPost.

You can follow a story like this one through a handy timeline, related headlines, and then comment on Facebook.

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