Daylight Curfew: An Online Fashion Label

Posted on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 by

Daylight CurfewIf you’re looking for clothes that different, one of a kind and not something you’ll see on every street corner, Daylight Curfew is what you’re looking for.

Different, Cool, It’s All You

Daylight CurfewIf you’re someone who likes to wear clothes that other people don’t know about yet, and want to stand out for wearing unique designs, Daylight Curfew is the site for you. Daylight Curfew is a Los Angeles based label and online boutique. What makes Daylight Curfew different from other online boutiques, is that Daylight Curfew only releases seasonal capsule collections and collaborations with a wide variety of artists. There are always new collections and collaborations cycling through Daylight Curfew, so if you like something, get while you can. Daylight Curfew works with artists that you won’t find anywhere else, that’s what makes this online boutique so unique. Get these cool designs while you can on Daylight Curfew.

Daylight Curfew

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