Davey Dance BLOG – Dancing in the Streets!

Posted on Monday, May 25th, 2009 by

Davey Dance BLOG – Davey Dance BLOG  is an ongoing blog project. Davey started this original blog while traveling Europe during the Spring of 2007. Armed only with an ipod and a Canon PowerShot, Davey picks a location and a pop song. Next, he hits Play on his iPod and dances to the tune that he later adds to the video. The result is a well-coordinated music video created by an enthusiastic amateur dancer and music lover. We’re talking about pure enjoyment here, for both Davey and visiting users. I love this kind of stuff, it is so simple and super clever at the same time. I have placed below the two videos I enjoyed the most. By the way, doesn’t this project remind you of another brilliant initiative, Where the Hell is Matt? Who is a better dancer? I think Davey is, by far, much better. And you?

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