DailyBooth – A Photo Hub for the Bold and Extrovert

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 by

dailybooth DailyBooth – The verb share has practically become a synonym for the Web’s social networking concept. Why is sharing so big? This article helps to explain the human factor behind this phenomenon. However, what people less talk about is the consequence of sharing information, photos and videos online; we are essentially invited to peep at other people’s lives. And most of us happily indulge ourselves in voyeurism, watching others -perhaps with their consent- but certainly without their knowledge.

Setting ethical issues aside, there’s no doubt social networking platforms are going to stick around for a (long) while. One particularly attractive fish in the global community’s pond is DailyBooth. A photo sharing platform where one can follow and be followed, DailyBooth offers a sizzling hub for swanky annotated pictures of cool people. A great way to start finding ‘follow-worthy’ people would be through the DailyBooth Live Map. This feature is “a real time map of the world that updates and zooms around when new members snap a picture.” Below you can find some of the pictures I found intriguing. Click on them to view the full profile.

I regularly visit the blogs of sites we feature here, and I would like to point out to an interesting post of the DailyBooth blog: How did you find dailybooth? This prompted me to share (that’s right, share!) the video below. I just love hearing people speak with a British accent…

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