Curtsy: Borrow Dresses Near You

Posted on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 by

CurtsyEver wish you could just borrow dresses for occasions and not buy a new one every single time? Now you can, with Curtsy.

Save Money, Save Time, Look Great!

CurtsyWhether it’s school dances, family events, birthdays, or work events, there are so many events we go to in our lifetime. And for most of those events, we need new dresses. This gets expensive though and makes for an over crowded closet. Even if you recycle dresses every so often, wear the same shoes and other accessories it all adds up. Curtsy is here to save the day and your wallet, allowing you to rent dresses from fashionistas near you. Find the perfect dress, rent it from the owner, and pick it up in the same day or the next. Dress owners post their dresses, categorize what events they can be worn to and they set the price to rent. Once a dress is chosen, chat with the owner through the app and workout the details for pickup. There are thousands of dresses to choose from, and at a variety or prices. Curtsy is the best way to find the perfect dress for your next event, without breaking the bank.


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