Crash the Super Bowl – Choose Prime Time Ad Lineup

Posted on Monday, January 18th, 2010 by

crushthesuperbowl Crash the Super Bowl – Every winter when it’s time for THE game (the Super Bowl XLIV is on February 7), major corporations fight to the teeth for that half time air space for maximum ad exposure on TV. Besides, it’s become quite a tradition where commercial breaks in between game runs offer the funniest and most memorable ads of the year. What if you could influence that delicious lineup of ads that will be aired on national TV? Yes, you can.

Doritos invites you to vote for your favorite video out of the six finalists (submitted by users), and the top three will be aired during the football game. In addition, the three winning ads according to the USA Today Ad Meter will take home some $$$ (first place will nail $1,000,000!) For more info, check out the contest rules and see the six finalists. My favorite is Kids These Days. What’s yours?

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