Couch Seats: Watch the Best LIVE Music Videos on the Web

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013 by

Forget Youtube with shaky lighting, poor sound, and awkward footage of live performances. Couch Seats offers “amazing live performance videos” of many artists!

Youtube is great, but for live music, Couch Seats is better!

When I heard about Couch Seats, I didn’t think I’d be impressed. Here was yet another website that posts videos, I thought to myself: what’s the point when I’m in love with Youtube. To my surprise, Couch Seats allowed me to upload your own videos, search my favorite artists, and I truly did enjoy intimate live performances. Compared to Youtube, Couch Seats has videos of much better quality and substance. So if I want to watch official music videos, I’ll still go to Youtube, but for live performances, or behind the scenes videos, Couch Seats has me hooked.

Making sure only the best LIVE videos are featured!

The best part about Couch Seats is that they want your input. Not only can you upload your favorite live performances, but you can report broken links, and give feedback by liking or sharing videos. Couch Seats staff are also very easy to get in contact with and they answer fairly frequently. They have accounts with Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, and RSS.

And here is a great LIVE performance from ‘The Kinks – Lola’ that we found using CouchSeats; Live in London, England on January 24, 1973.

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