Comcast Town – Dream Big!

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2009 by

Comcast Town – As I am writing this blog, the world’s technology keeps on evolving, and it just keeps getting more sophisticated and powerful. To enjoy the fruits of this technological race, we will eventually need to upgrade to a much faster internet connection to keep up. Comcast is one provider that is trying to spearhead that speed and quality-infused digital environment. Thanks to their innovative and creative marketing approach, Comcast is connecting with its customers (both existing and prospect) through a unique, cool platform. Comcast Town is a big, colorful town/playground where users can custom design their future room, select relevant commercials with funky music (with the Dream Big slogan) on their super Hi-Def TV and see what it’s like with “blazing-fast” Internet connection. I think this Comcast campaign is a great investment on their part. It’s well-executed, inviting, and above all, fun. Could we have asked for anything more?

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