Clikthrough – Stop Watching, Start Interacting

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2009 by

Clikthrough – Watching an online video is a no brainer. You click on the play button and watch. But what if you wanted to get more out of a video, like learning more about an artist’s apparel brand or knowing who is that gorgeous babe standing behind the drummer? Sounds impossible, I know, but Clikthrough makes such quests possible by offering videos where everything is clickable. This unprecedented feature allows you to see products, people, places and more, and receive all the relevant information on a side menu. I tried out this technology on several videos, and especially enjoyed the info I was able to retrieve from the Hot and Cold one. I learned for example that Alexander Rodriguez, the groom in this video clip, is a high school friend of Katy Perry. It made me think about the power of good networking…

All in all, I think this a great application. Its only downside is its current limited variety of videos. I wish it included more than just music videos, because it would have been wonderful had it offered full length movies using this amazing technology. Although this might be too much to ask for at this point, I am quite sure that with time and increased exposure, Clikthrough will have a much larger database users could enjoy.

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