Chatfuel: Create a Free Facebook Bot

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2016 by

ChatfuelIt’s hard for companies to get to every one of their customers on social media, but Chatfuel makes sure businesses never miss anyone again.

Be Everywhere At Once

ChatfuelSocial media channels are one the main ways that companies can communicate with their customers in a personal and timely manner. One problem with social media is that while those running the sites go home at night, customers want answers no matter the time of day. Chatfuel lets you crate free Facebook bots for messenger. Anyone can create a bot with Chatfuel, and then customize it with information to help answer Facebook interactions no matter the time of day. Link content from your website to help browsers navigate the site, or to be able communicate through social media. Because Chatfuel uses AI technology, they can understand and respond to users. Social media has made it easy for companies to stay connected with their followers, and Chatfuel is making easier!


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