Canvas: Celebrating The Best In Contemporary Culture

Posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2015 by

grolsch5Canvas was launched to cover and celebrate the best and interesting culture from around the world, ignoring borders and convention along the way.

Celebrating Creativity

grolsch3Canvas is a site created by Dutch brewing company Grolsch. The site was created in celebration of the brewery’s storied history — it was founded 400 years ago in 1615. Although the company is old, Canvas is forward-thinking and modern. The site includes several articles about contemporary artistic or cultural products, with titles like “Inside A 3D Printing Studio” and “This Week’s Movie News in GIFs.” For Grolsch drinkers, this type of coverage might seem a bit confusing. Most of the content on Canvas has little, if anything, to do with beer. Still, it’s a testament to Grolsch’s company culture that they’re able to make a blog-like site with categories like “Film Works,” “Art,” “Design,” “Music” and “Photography.”


400 Years of Grolsch

grolsch1Since Canvas is sponsored by Grolsch, however, there is some promotional material on the site. Luckily, that promotion sticks with Canvas’s artistic theme. The section called “400” features 400 original artworks of the Grolsch swing-top bottle. The art pieces can be browsed via an interactive gallery, with information about each artist and his or her home country. It’s amazing to see the inventive ways in which artists interpreted Grolsch’s iconic bottle. All of the artwork was created in the same Grolsch warehouse in Amsterdam. There’s also an Events section featuring all of Grolsch’s upcoming sponsored events. If you weren’t already a Grolsch fan, this site should convince you.


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