Bugs on the Menu: The World of Entomophagy

Posted on Sunday, May 29th, 2016 by

Bug on the MenuEating bugs is part of some people’s regular diet, and the trend is catching on. Would you put Bug on the Menu?


Bugs on the MenuYou probably have never eaten a bug have you? Well, all around the world bugs are part of many diets and now it’s becoming a trend. Bugs may start crawling or hopping their way onto your plate. Bugs on the Menu is completely dedicated to showing and explaining how bugs are part of diets all around the world. The main focus however is that Bugs on the Menu believes that the answer to feeding the world’s expanding population may be right below out feet. Bugs on the Menu follows startup companies, restaurateurs, farmers, scholars, and scientists that are a part of the movement to start normalizing insect eating in the west. Eating insects can be an alternative to the protein that chicken, pork, and beef provide. Bugs on the Menu also has a in depth documentary examining bug eating, and how it’s a integral part of many traditions, countries and communities around the world. Bugs on the Menu is all about bugs and why we should be eating them. So would you do it, add a little crunch to your meals?

Bugs on the Menu

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