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blogmusikBack a while ago i wrote about a useful music service called SeeqPod. Ever since i have been using Seeqpod for all my music discovering needs.

Then came Blogmusik (Version 2)! Blogmusik has been around for a while now (and featured on AllMyFaves ever since we launched). It is another ad-supported streaming music service.

Recently, Blogmusik launched a new version of their site that allows you to search for music and play songs and albums on demand. The selection is amazing – that’s because all the music in the service is uploaded by their community. The legality of the service is a little skatchy but Blogmusik claim to be completely legal by saying.

“All tracks abailable to the user of the Blogmusik have been thoroughly analyzed by our song recognition engine. Each title you’ll upload will be analyzed, if a track matches an official release then it will be available to the community. This process takes a bit of time and is mandatory to pay the artists. If a track is not recogized, it’ll only be available for you through the ‘My MP3’ section. You’ll be able to share these songs through the ‘Blog Share’ section.”

blogmusik inteface The flash user interface is very intuitive and elegant. In order to search your favorite artist just type in the name of the artist/song into the search box and a nice comprehensive list will be available for immediate listen. After selecting the song you can interact with the service by viewing the full details of the artist, listen to the complete discography or just make yourself a playlist with all your favorite songs. If you can’t find your favorite song you can always upload it to the site and have it on your playlist.

Blogmusik is an amazing music service which i strongly recommend. Below i added myfaves playlist for your listening pleasure. Let me know what you think about the service or the playlist in the comments. Enjoy.

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