BillShrink – Downsizing your Expenses!

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 by

BillShrink – The concept of BillShrink first came to Co-Founder Schwark Satyavolu when he and his wife tried to compare mobile rates. The vast number of different plans they could have chosen from brought the challenge of making an informed decision. Therefore, Schwark (a technologist specializing in data analysis) realized he could leverage the Internet for data collection and use Web technology to consume a lot more information, fast. This allowed for a more efficient and shorter decision making process for just about anyone.

So what is BillShrink? It’s a free personalized savings service. Their vision is to save you time and money through analysis of your particular usage of everyday services like wireless, credit cards and gasoline. In addition, Billshrink will not only find you the best wireless plans and credit cards on any given day, but they also repeat the analysis automatically on a regular basis. This helps you optimize your usage over time. Furthermore, they throw better product offers into the mix when there are relevant product additions in the market. For a visual explanation of how this service works check out the video below – How to beat the recession by saving money on credit cards, cell phone plans and gas with BillShrink.

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