Bellstrike – Free, Instant Websites for Non-Profits

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2012 by

“No Learning Requred”. That’s the mantra that Bellstrike – a super little site allowing you to create and maintain a gorgeous, professional website for your NPO in minutes – is sticking to fervently. And it’s true as well. If you’ve started up your own non-profit, but are dreading having to create a big website, hire designers, talk with servers and other unspoken horrors, I can’t think of a better way to get yourself out there than with a Bellstrike site! Watch the video to see how it could help you.

The sign up and set up is completely free, there’s no monthly fees, and you’ll only be paying for the site if it brings in donations. They take 6% of the online donations you make, and it’s capped at $80 a month, so you’ll never be giving them more than that. Pretty reasonable really! Click here if you’re interested in the idea, or if you’re running a non-profit and could do with a better, free website, that allows you to instantly accept online credit card donations, and spread the word on all the usual social networks.

Now speaking of charity, I couldn’t possibly talk about a site for non-profits without mentioning The All My Faves Visual NPO Database. It’s got all the top US Non-Profits, listed in their individual categories, making it easy for you to find interesting causes to donate to, research or volunteer for. Click here to get acquainted with some great causes on AllMyFaves NPO.

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