Bear: Write Beautifully

Posted on Sunday, November 27th, 2016 by

BearYou may be a writer or someone who writes a lot down. But whatever you write, write it down with Bear.

Take Notes Wherever You Are

BearNo matter how much or how little you write during the day, make it easy to read and/or utilize with Bear. Bear is a writing app perfect for writing down notes or even creating stories. You can write everything from a quick reminder note, lists, and all the way to in-depth essays. No matter what you write down though, everything is organized can be viewed and edited across all devices by using iCloud. Bear comes with a focus mode to help you concentrate on what you’re writing, providing different tools for different formats of writing. Bear previews your writing for you, has support to add images and photos, an advanced editor, knows 20 different languages, and includes data from links, emails, and more. Inspiration for writing can strike at any time or you need to create a grocery list on the go, whatever it is, write it down with Bear.


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