Bambuser – Live from your Mobile

Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 by

Bambuser – Bambuser is a terrific video application that allows you to stream your videos live from your cellular phone. How exactly? All you need is a 3G mobile device with a video camera and you are good to go. At first I thought the setup would be complicated and cumbersome, but to my surprise installing and setting up the Bambuser application was super easy. Log into your account and then access their mobile site: Download and install the application and you can start broadcasting live.

Several months ago we reviewed Qik on this blog. It’s a site that offers the same technology as Bambuser’s. In that blog post I mentioned that it seems like great technology that is poorly executed. After giving Qik a second run today, I realized their quality of service is much better now than what it was at the time of my initial post about them. And yes, I think overall they’re better than Bambuser… If you are interested in this kind of service, I suggest trying out both before choosing the one that suits you best.

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