Autocomplete Me – Google Gone Wild

Posted on Monday, December 21st, 2009 by

autocomplete Autocomplete Me – Before talking about this website, we should first get the Google AutoComplete concept down. When you type a word into the Google search box, Google “helps” you by offering top-down style suggestions of relevant real-time searches (i.e., automatically completes your key words), thereby speeding up the overall search process.  Does Autocomplete Me offer a better version of this service? Far from it – it makes fun of it.

Autocomplete Me has taken up the task of presenting all the funny, hilarious, out of context auto-completes Google suggests – some of which might be offensive to some people, so keep that in mind. To give an example, typing in the phrase: who stole m – was auto-completed by who stole my dead husband. If you ever bumped into an awkward auto-complete and would like to share it, you can suggest it here. By the way, a good way of keeping track with all the words of wisdom of Autocomplete Me would be through their facebook fan page – I am already a fan.

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