Atomeet – You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party!

Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 by

Atomeet – Organizing a party? I bet you’ll need to send out invitations and follow up on who is coming. The most common invitation methods available today are via either the ‘classic method,’ i.e. e-mail (yes, people still use it) or through facebook events. If these two options seem dull or just downright wrong and you feel you want something new, unique and with a twist, give Atomeet a shot. Atomeet is a free service that helps you organize your parties, outings or any kind of events. In a few clicks, you can create your event’s homepage, invite your friends, organize your guest list and discuss the event with all the relevant people. The best thing about Atomeet is that you’re not required to create an account, meaning that no log-in is necessary. All you need is to simply fill out five fields: title, date, location, your e-mail and import your friends e-mails. There you go, you have a completed and ready-to-go homepage event. Similar services include MadeIt and Evite if you’re interested in checking out alternatives. Here’s a quick reminder of what the Beastie Boys have to say about parties

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