Asylum – A Magazine for Men!

Posted on Monday, March 2nd, 2009 by

Asylum – When you think about it, seldom do we come across magazines designated equally for men and women. Are men and women really so different from each other that we require different publications or is this a clever marketing strategy of publishers to increase customer audiences?  In any case, Asylum is a magazine that caters to ‘The Man’. Let’s try and see what motivates men according to Asylum, shall we? The magazine’s top three popular articles are Sex News ’08, The Worst Tattoos Ever and Naked Protesters From Around the World. Do you think this last article would deem as interesting if the word ‘naked’ was excluded? I think we all know the answer to that one… If you’re one of the Asylum’s blog (my guess is few) women readers and you feel like you’re starting to loose interest, check out our Woman Faveline. And guys, once you’re done with your Asylum intake, do you think it should be added to our Men’s Faveline?

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