Are You Talking To Me?

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Trailer AddictTrailer and movie fans will find that Trailer Addict is quite a comprehensive resource. If a trailer exists, you probably will find it here. Why do I need it, I can find all trailers on YouTube? Well I am also a big fan of YouTube. However, a site which is dedicated only to trailers is a great feature. Before visiting the theaters, renting a DVD or demanding a movie. I view the trailer and related clips. In addition, I enrich my specific movie knowledge by reading the short movie description. When I reach a point in which I have nothing on my mind, I visit the Trailer Addict– Movie Database, this definitely helps me find a movie or just a way to waste some time. I have taken the liberty of recommending you some of my faves: Fight Club, The Motorcycle Diaries and Into the Wild, hope you like them. Do you want more movie related sites? check our Entertainment page, I Heart Movies or TrailerSpy.

MyDebates – The Internet has a great impact on all aspects of life, including politics. I find it quite surprising that MySpace which is mostly related with young users (according to Quantcast 29% of MySpace users aren’t eligible of voting) has teamed up with the CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) and offers an interactive online presidential debate. If you are young or old you will find this platform as an informative tool. Try participating by taking a quiz, commenting or hosting a discussion. You can also view the debates live. If you feel more info is required, you can check previous Weekly Faves (YouChoose, Google Vote and Campaign Game) all dealing with the upcoming presidential election.

Slacker UprisingMichael Moore sees himself as an influencer with a mission of changing the world, making it a better place. Recent movies include Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911. No surprise he decided that his new movie, Slacker Uprising, will be distributed free of charge. In his own words “This is being done entirely as a gift to my fans. The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters ever at the polls in November.” Michael offers it for free, won’t you watch it? won’t you vote? For voting registration, visit Rock the Vote (featured this week on our Weekly Faves).

vLanevLane helps consumers make more informed vehicle purchasing decisions by offering automotive search tools that provide independent and objective information for new and used car shoppers. In addition, you can find reviews, comparisons, polls and local vehicle classifieds from across the web. This isn’t your typical car buying site, it feels more like a game, however, I found it very useful. So, are you looking for a Porsche or maybe a Cadillac?

Akinator – Akinator is a genius, I am serious! Akinator is the genie that reads your mind, the genie asks you 10-15 questions about a famous character (alive, dead or fictional) and at the end you almost always will receive the following announcement “Great, guessed right one more time! I love playing with you!“. Basically it is a nice development of Artificial Intelligence. I tried it numerous time and pushed my luck with trying not so famous characters, however he’s good, yep very good. Are you talking to me?

Charlie Rose – Emmy award winning journalist Charlie Rose has been praised as “one of America’s premier interviewers.” He is the host of Charlie Rose, the nightly PBS program that engages America’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and other newsmakers. The video archive is excellent and includes an impressive list of people that visited Charlie’s oak table. I found an interesting show back from 2001, Charlie interviewing Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Do you think Charlie should be added to our TV- Talk FaveLine? I believe there is a place, also Charlie believes – “I believe that there is a place in the spectrum of television for really good conversation, if it is informed, spirited, soulful.”

Uptake – There are so many travel sites, which one is right for me? If you already know exactly what you want to book, you should be on sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity or Expedia. If you have a range of options in mind but shopping around for the lowest price, you should try Kayak, Vayama or Farecast. If you want to read a review, read a blog, or skim trip journals, you’ll want to visit TripAdvisor. If you need help deciding what to book, where to go, where to stay, or what to do, in these cases you would like to check UpTake. UpTake will help you make informed decisions about what best fits you, based on your travel preferences. Still confused? Try finding your travel needs on our travel section.

NonSocietyJulia, Meghan and Mary are an online version of Sex and the City. I never met a woman (and most men – they just don’t admit it) that don’t adore the mythical TV series. Just like on the TV show, the online girls share their personal NYC life with us – in this case, it is real. They update pictures and short comments on a daily basis. As a blogger, among others, I know how hard it is updating constantly. Don’t underestimate them, the Internet is growing rapidly everyday, and these three gorgeous ladies might be the next real Sex and the City. The thing I like the most about them, is that they seem to be true with their users and don’t mind showing real life moments, like Mary Drunk or Julia Believing. I hope they will fulfill my faith in them. I am following them on twitter. And you?

Ark – If you are looking for extraordinary animation – you have reached the right place. This short animation film has been created by super talented animators called Grzegorza and Marcin. I am not going to plot the story as it is better seen without a preview. Enjoy!

Connect4Connect Four is a two-player classic board game in which the players take turns in dropping discs into a vertical grid with the objective of getting four of one’s own discs in a line. I used to play it a lot (offline) as a child, it was yellow, blue, black and red). Hope you like the online version.

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