App of the Week: Mr. Jump

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 by

Mr. JumpVideo games can be tricky, lots of moves to make and skills to remember. Mr. Jump gives you only one move to get through the game, so get started.

Jump Up if You’re Feeling Good

Mr. JumpMr. Jump is fairly simple. Get from point A to point B, and go from level to level. Mr. Jump only gives you one move to play, can you figure out what it is? When you enter the world of Mr. Jump, the only way to get through each level is by jumping. Jumping isn’t the hardest move to use in a video game, but normally you can run, jump and then stop for a minute. Not this time, you’re going to have to make Mr. Jump continuously jump his way through tricky levels that have been designed. Mr. Jump is going to challenge your skills, reflexes and your ability to pay attention to what’s coming in front of you. So here’s the question, are you ready to jump in Mr. Jump?

Mr. Jump

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