“An Army Marches on its Stomach”

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yahoo buzz Yahoo! Buzz – When the big guys (Yahoo, Google and MSN) see a great internet model they usually acquire the company or do it themselves. Digg are the stars of the track and field and therefore are an appropriate target. Yahoo decided not to buy, rather create there own, they actually did a great job and offer a rather appealing buzzing interface. So what do you prefer, the original or the imitation?

open source food Open Source Food – Amazing Recipes. Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created and rated by food-lovers from all over the world. Open Source Food is a gastronomic hub where every visit will bring inspiration and a rumbling belly. Anyone for Chicken Mushroom Soup? Napoleon Bonaparte said “An army marches on its stomach”, we at AllMyFaves agree and take it seriously, check similar food sites that have been reviewed on our blog – Mestolando, CookThink, Familyoven, iFoods.tv and Rouxbe.

squeegees Squeegees – Watch a new web comedy(produced by abc) that follows the ups and downs of four buddies trying to make it in the rough and tumble world of high-rise window washing. Online shows are becoming more popular and the content is getting better. More online shows that we like include: Quarterlife and Roommates. I guess it is only a matter of time before all shows will be aired solely online.

viropop VIROPOP – Well, you could think of it as a salad. It’s green, sure, but also cool, fresh, crisp and tasty. Full of surprises. Above all it is good for you. I will simplify it, VIROPOP strives to making you greener but in a fun way. Maker sure you check their ZapRoot – ZapRoot is a quick weekly zap of usable news that goes straight to the root of some of the most intriguing environmental issues. I was astonished discovering that Biofuel cars are probably worse (for the environment) than cars running on oil.

dancejam DanceJam – People love watching other people dance, which explains the numerous amount of dance movies (Dirty Dancing, Center Stage, Footloose, Bring It On and the list goes on and on). DanceJam isn’t about dance movies. It is all about regular people uploading their moves. This OLD SCHOOL dance is my fave.

800Notes 800Notes – Did you receive a call but the caller did not leave a message and the Caller ID says “Unavailable”? Type the phone number and find out who is your stalker ;-).

copenda Copenda – Find more than just love. Copenda is a new way to search and meet people on the Internet. Copenda’s search engine scans popular social networks and dating sites such as Myspace, Facebook, hi5, friendster, match, plentyoffish and offers you a range of singles looking for love.

insidetrip InsideTrip – Most people usually search flight tickets by only one criteria – Price. Cheaper is considered better but is that really the best way. InsideTrip has redefined flight search by taking into consideration Price, Speed, Comfort and Ease. Looking for more travel info, check out our visual travel page.

webcanvas WebCanvas – WebCanvas is a world-wide collaborative painting project. In this site anyone can contribute to an ‘infinite’ canvas. Using available painting tools it is also possible to draw and upload images. Be part of a world-wide art piece, it might be worth millions one day.

grid16 Grid16A Flash game that presents you with a grid consisting of 16 mini-games. As you juggle between games, the speed increases. This game ain’t easy, play it several times in order to get the grip of it.

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