Amino: Choose Doctors With Confidence

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 by

AminoAmino analyzes data on a majority of the doctors in America, matching their experience with your needs.

Can I Get A Doctor Over Here?

AminoGoing to the doctor isn’t always the most fun someone can engage in, and sometimes it can go completely wrong. It’s not always easy to find a doctor for you specific needs or one you can trust. But Amino is here to save the day. Amino creates the “picture of American health” and connects everyone with the best possible care. Amino aims to make health care simple and intuitive using data, design, and empathy (an important factor a doctor should posses with their patients). Amino is making a trip to the doctors office more comfortable for all.


Did Somebody Call For A Doctor?

AminoAmino makes it easy for everyone to find a doctor that will fit their needs, one with the most experience and allows users to book an appointment from the site. To start using Amino, a quick questionnaire if filled out to find out the needs of the users. Once the questions are filled out, Amino analyzes a secure database of over 3.9 billion health care professionals that will best fit the needs of the patient based on interactions the health professionals have had with other patients. A list of matches are generated, and a doctor can be picked based off anything from location of the office to their gender. Amino then calls the office to book an appointment at your requested time. They even double check to make sure certain insurances are accepted. Amino really does make it easy for anyone to find a doctor, and one that they’ll be comfortable with.


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