Amazon School Lists: Back To School Shopping Made Easy

Posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2015 by

amazonschoollists5Amazon School Lists offers a way for teachers to create and share back-to-school lists with parents.

Back To School!

amazonschoollists3Towards the end of every summer, back-to-school shopping begins. For parents with children in grades K-12, figuring out what books and supplies need to be purchased can be a difficult task. Some schools provide detailed lists, but it can still be tough to find everything that you need at your local stores. Amazon School Lists simplifies the communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can easily create a supply list using the system, recommending all the products that students will need for the upcoming year. From pens and pencils to rulers and glue, teachers can compile everything into one extremely helpful list.


Easy For Parents And Teachers Alike

amazonschoollists1Using Amazon School Lists as a parent is just as easy. You can search for a school by name, city or zip code. If your teacher or school isn’t working with the site, you can even choose a grade to shop a general, suggested list. The catch, of course, is that the site tries to get you to buy all of your school supplies from Amazon. You can still view the lists and try to find better deals elsewhere, but it’s easiest to make the purchase entirely through the site and have it delivered to your door. Amazon even gives an upfront “List subtotal,” which reveals the total amount of the supplies if you add all the items on the list to your cart. Although not all teachers are taking advantage of Amazon School Lists, it’s definitely a useful tool for simplifying everything related to back-to-school shopping.


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