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Posted on Monday, April 27th, 2009 by

AllMyFaves Education – AllMyFaves is a work in progress, drawing its power and inspiration from you, our devoted users. We believe in taking in as much feedback as possible and are therefore extremely attentive to our users’ needs and inquiries. We’re always anxious to know what our users (and you) think about AMF. For the past year, we received numerous emails requesting sites of educational orientation. Consequently, we decided to create a comprehensive visual page designated exclusively for the education umbrella. The spanking new Education page is up and running and awaits your clicks!

The Internet is saturated with what seems like an infinite number of resources. So how to get the best out of the sea of educational sites? This is where AllMyFaves comes in; our primary goal is to sieve through all the web’s clutter and chaos and pin down only the best sites in each respective category. That is how our users get the cream of the crop!

For the past few months our devoted team has been hard at work in researching and exploring the Education field on the web. Following an in-depth examination of the available sites in each given education category, the team evaluated each of those down to the nitty gritty and came up with the top 10 sites for each faveline. The final result is 31 exciting and useful favelines for you to navigate through. Among others, these include Academics, Art, Computer Science, Crafts, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Home & Garden, Green, Educational Games, History, Homeschooling, Languages, Literature, Math, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Special Needs, Resources for Teachers, Technology, Tutorials, Educational Videos and Writing Skills. Check out the Education page for a complete list of all featured favelines and sites.

So who could benefit from this? Everyone without exception; from babies learning their first words to college students to adults. In addition, the site will be extremely useful for parents, teachers and educational institutions. The Education page contains copious amounts of information, so take your time while exploring it. We hope it covers everything you need but we are aware of the fact that we might have left out a certain category or site you feel is essential. If you think we are missing something, please contact us and I can assure you that your recommendation will be reviewed. If we feel your suggestion is appropriate, we shall add it to our site.

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