Allbirds: Wool Runners

Posted on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 by

AllbirdsThe search for the comfiest shoes is over, and turns out they’re made of wool. Allbirds is what you’ve been looking for.

OMG Shoes!

AllbirdsFinding the perfect pair of shoes can be a long and tedious process if you don’t know where to go. Thanks to Allbirds, the search is over. The creator of Allbirds are from New Zealand, the land of merino wool. It made him realize what an incredible resource merino wool is and why it’s never been used in footwear before. Merino wool minimizes odor, regulates temperature, and wicks moisture away. Now all those qualities are in a shoe! Allbirds shoes are simple in design, comfortable and use premium materials, without the premium price.┬áLots of shoes of today are pretty great, and we do so much in them. But they’re created in favor of a cheaper price, and synthetic alternatives. Allbirds is using natural materials to make great shoes. The shoes are made for men and women, so everyone can rock these awesome shoes. Your search for the greatest and comfiest shoes has ended with Allbirds.


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