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Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2009 by

All My Faves Blogs – All My Faves is constantly hard at work in developing new exciting features for our cherished users, and coming up with new ways that combine creativity with functionality. Our goal is to bring you the best visual platform possible for exploring the wonderful online world. Some of our recent developments include designated country pages such as AMF Canada, UK and India. In addition, we are still running a private beta of our most exciting feature, the Mini Faves, where users create their customized AMF homepage with their choice of favorite sites.

News flash! We have yet a new page you should check out. We just launched our brand new Blogs page! Use this ‘web-log central’ to tap into the cream of the blogosphere crop, and enjoy nothing but distilled blog goodness. Why did we choose to dedicate an entire page just for blogs? Two reasons: 1. According to Wikipedia, there are over 100 million blogs worldwide, and we decided to showcase only the top ones so our users can have easy access to the absolute best. 2. The request for a blogs page also came from my family; my older sister requested a Blogs page, saying that “there are so many blogs out there, but it is so hard finding them all. Why not create a blogs page so everyone could easily access and explore the best ones?” So there you have it, thanks sis…

So what do we have here? Our Blogs page is packed with goodies, consisting of 38 different Favelines with an average of 10 blogs in each Faveline. Our comprehensive list of Favelines offers attractive and contemporary fields such as Architecture, Design, Frugal, Off-beat, Style, Tech, Education and many, many more. Featured blogs were chosen according to our strict selection policy. Many have asked us about the factors we consider during the selection process. Here are some of the things we looked at: blogs’ frequency of new/updated posts, quality of posts’ content and reading experience, and the level of interest blogs create in the community, demonstrated by user comments.

Despite our great efforts to create the best Blogs page possible, we do acknowledge the fact that we may have missed out on a particular blog you feel is essential and superb. If this is the case, please let us know and we will take it into consideration. If we decide that a wonderful blog was indeed left out, we will add it.

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