Alice – Comprehensive Online Shopping, for the Home and Family

Posted on Monday, April 12th, 2010 by

alice Alice – What do you buy online? Most of us use the Web to purchase flight tickets, electronic devices, clothing, shoes, books and DVDs. What about home supplies? For some reason, buying laundry detergent and toilet paper online doesn’t seem very realistic to me, but that’s out of habit. We’re used to drive to the supermarket for those home supplies, right? But that can change, and with Alice, the transition will be a happy, seamless one.

Alice has identified the shopping for the home faux-pas, and offers a solution: a one stop place for all our home essential needs, best prices and free shipping every time! In addition, Alice “automatically finds and applies coupons for you on thousands of products. A typical user finds $100’s in annual coupon savings without any extra work or newsprint hands.” So if you usually buy books, cameras and DVDs online, now is the time to give Alice a shot. It’s a worry-free, money saving experience everyone will appreciate, and it’s a free service. Need I say more?

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