Adverputt – The Most Formidable Advertising Putt

Posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 by

adverputt Adverputt – My parents got me hooked on mini golf when I was a child, but over the years somehow it never stuck; I haven’t played it since I was 4 feet tall. Perhaps my long mini golf hiatus can explain why I enjoyed Adverputt so much. I had a terrific time playing the game, and was thrilled like a little boy every time I advanced to the next hole. To spice things up, each hole is sponsored by a different creative website, so in between holes I visited the various websites, and was happy to learn that Nexus Productions is an independent production company and animation studio. They have some really inspiring creative works under their belt you should check out.

Update: All My Faves is Hole #5

Turns out we are one of the sites that generated the most traffic to Adverputt, so they decided to add us as a sponsored website. Click on the updated screen shot below to play Adverputt with AllMyFaves featured at the 5th Hole!!

Adverputt AllMyFaves

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