Adult Swim Singles: 25 Weeks. 25 Tracks.

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Adult Swim Singles: 25 Weeks. 25 Tracks.Free music is great, but 25 weeks and 25 tracks is even better. Adult Swim Singles is all about that free music life we all wish was all the time.

Listen Up!

Adult Swim Singles: 25 Weeks. 25 Tracks.Normally we have to buy music, or at least music of good quality. But thanks to Adult Swim Singles, listeners are getting 25 tracks and in a 25 week time period. Adult Swim’s annual singles program is back, and it’s giving listeners a chance to download free and exclusive singles from top rated artists. Each week a single was released, but it was also played and promoted on the TV network. A lot of the past music that Adult Swim released, tended to be more instrumental. But the more recent releases are really what people are looking for in music from Adult Swim. If you’re a fan of the Music that Adult Swim puts out, Adult Swim Singles is perfect for the music fanatic, and it’s free!

Adult Swim Singles: 25 Weeks. 25 Tracks.

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