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A Day In HollywoodEveryone has the picture in their heads of what Hollywood looks like them to them, but A Day In Hollywood gives the experience and may straighten out a few misconceptions.

What’s It Really Like?

A Day In HollywoodA Day In Hollywood¬†shows us a different side to life in Hollywood. Hollywood was created for us, the images we see, they way people act or where they shop, how much money someone successful in Hollywood can be. But it’s really just fluff, right? When we think of Hollywood: we picture movies being filmed, big budgets and many over paid actors and actresses. But is that what Hollywood really is? A Day In Hollywood is telling us differently.

A Day In Hollywood

Open Your Mind

A Day In HollywoodImagine your favorite movie, the actors, special effects, elaborate story lines, everything. Now imagine what that movie would be like without all of that. A Day In Hollywood discusses how all of that make a blockbuster out of a simple story line. A million decisions go into making a movie, and it seems the more there is in a movie sometimes, the more successful it can be. But this site also discusses whether all of that is really necessary or not. When using this site, users can watch a chapter of the movie. The site know what time it is, so you’re only granted access to one chapter at a time, you have to keep going back every few hours to watch another chapter. There is a little bit of interaction to represent how movies can be manipulated. A Day In Hollywood is interesting, and everyone should pay it a visit.

A Day In Hollywood


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