Sailing With Greenpeace: The Greenpeace Fleet

Greenpeace fleetSail around the world with the Greenpeace Fleet to see environmental destruction happening all over the globe.

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Greenblender: Smoothies, Delivered

greenblender45Greenblender offers organic ingredients for superfood smoothies, delivered weekly.

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Mother Nature Network – The Good Green Life

mnn Mother Nature Network – Mother Nature Network is a one-stop green resource offering original programs, articles, blogs, videos, and how-to guides along with breaking news stories. Mother Nature Network wasn’t designed for scientists or experts. It was created for all us lazy persons seeking to-the-point information on green related issues. My visit to this wonderful site taught me a great deal of environmental facts, but one particular news story made the most impact. On September 20, one city did the unthinkable — it banished cars from its streets for a whole day. Click here or scroll below to see where this happened. I seriously think all major cities worldwide could use the same strategy to raise public awareness. Don’t you?

Ecorazzi – Green Gossip

Ecorazzi – Celebrity gossip and news are a multi-billion dollar industry in today’s social market. People the world-over are fascinated with their favorite stars: what they are doing, wearing, and driving and especially who they’re dating. With all this going on, we often overlook how some people are using their fame as a vehicle to highlight and educate on issues important to them.

Ecorazzi exists to help celebrities further their good messages – and to offer the general public a way to follow their favorite celebs. Perhaps by doing so, devoted followers could learn something as they keep up to date with their favorite hot shot. Ecorazzi covers environmental, humanitarian, animal rights, and vegetarian issues as they relate to those in the spotlight. Watch green tips by Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Hank Azaria and Amy Adams. Now that you have heard that celebs, too, maintain a green life, will this act as an incentive strong enough for you to be greener? I certainly hope it does.

Oozing Forever – A Fun Game with A Green Creature!

Oozing Forever – Abandoned in the wreckage of a secret science facility, the spiky little slime-covered hero must bounce his way to freedom. Grow by collecting globs of ooze and rush from shadow to shadow to avoid being evaporated by sunlight or the rays of security droids. For more Weekly Games, check back every Wednesday.

LiveGreen – Tips and Ideas for Eco-Living

LiveGreen – If you want to take steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, look no further. YouTube and SunChips brand have teamed up to host a channel housing videos that are all about the green: greening your lifestyle, greening your community, and hopefully saving the planet in the process. Living green is easy if you know where to start. The featured videos offer helpful tips on how to make small, meaningful changes to the way you live, how to reduce waste and how to conserve energy, water and other precious resources. So much information, where should you start? I think the best starting point is always right under your nose – your home. I recommend beginning with Smart Design (see video below), which not only teaches you how to create a peaceful space but also explains how you can save on energy bills.

EnviroMom – Living a Greener Life!

EnviroMom – EnviroMom is brought to us by two moms – Renee and Heather. Being a mom ain’t easy, and combining motherhood with a green lifestyle can be a challenge; being green means even more sacrifices and changes. EnviroMom makes this possible “whether you are just starting down the road to greener living or have been doing it for years.” This site is a place where “you’ll find a supportive shoulder.” EnviroMom implements the baby step approach, which is how both Renee and Heather went about it in their personal lives. Making lifestyle changes can’t happen overnight, but it can be achieved over time with the necessary support and encouragement. By proving that the shift is possible, as Renee and Heather have, EnviroMom invites like-minded moms to join in and pull through. Want more? Start by thinking about your garden.

Top 10 Sites – January 28 – Lets try and be a bit greener

DotHomesDotHomes – Searching for an apartment to buy or rent has never been easier. DotHomes allows home seekers across the UK, South Africa and the US to search thousands of real estate Websites from one place, linking through directly to the original source of information, agent or broker. Just type in your preferences followed by commas and direct updated links will be provided including photos and a detailed Google map. For example: Brooklyn, NYC, 1000-2000. And if your not looking for an apartment at the moment – You can still enjoy dreaming about your Beach Front condo.

dailygreenThe Daily Green – The Daily Green is a great green website for regular people. It emphasizes the importance of being Green but it isn’t dramatic and that is exactly what the people need in order to be more green. Mahatma Gandhi said “Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.” The Daily Green comes with a lot of love, showing us how to be greener by useful tips, organic food recipes and cool articles – Will Brad Pitt Become a Green Movie Star Mayor? Lets try and be a bit greener with a smile, before enforcement will be required.

cookthinkCookThinkWhat are you craving right now? CookThink offers an interesting food recipe tool, search for recipes by a combination of ingredients, dish types, cuisines and moods. It might sound a bit awkward but actually it couldn’t be more intuitive , just type your combination and CookThink will choose a dish for you. I craved – Ingredients: Chicken and Cherry Tomato Dish: Satay Cuisine: Asian Mood: Provocative and this is what I got. Bon appetit!

powncePownce – Pownce is a way to keep in touch with people and share stuff(files, links, events, and messages) with them. I personally think they have a cool micro blogging site but the only problem with Pownce is that they are a bit late, I already have facebook and twitter accounts which provide me similar services. However the cool guys from Pownce have a hip blog which is worth checking.

monkeyseeMonkeySee – Be a Monkey – Imitate, but if you choose to imitate at least imitate the experts! MonkeySee provides a large collection of professionally-produced and user-generated how-to videos. There is nothing new with this concept accept the fact that MonkeySee claims it does it the best. I have tested their claims and checked videos(from different how to sources) on how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Be my guest and be the judge! MonkeySeeRubiks, 5minRubiks, VideoJugRubiks. Let me know who is the best?

magmypicMagMyPic – This is very simple, upload your picture and choose your fave magazine cover. The result – You on the cover of a popular magazine. If you like the result you can quick post it, publish it on your blog or simply share a link. This is a fun and entertaining activity. Enjoy being a Superstar.

twitchTwitch – Twitch is a complete resource for “strange” little films from around the world. Twitch’s goal is to spread the news about these films and provide you with additional updated info as trailers, music videos, photos and a link to the official film site. The best feature on the site in my opinion is the “Launch The Twitch Video Player“. The video player includes all trailers arranged by ABC, I recommend going to H and viewing the trailers of House of the Flying Daggers. Step out of the Hollywood Box and enjoy something different.

threeleggedlegsThree Legged Legs – Don’t you simply adore creative people, seriously where would we be without them. Three Legged Legs brings together three creative warriors that strive to betterment of writing, direction, animation, design and any other interesting form of media. The trio uses whatever force and technique necessary to create memorable storytelling and fantastic visual feats of triumph. We, at AllMyFaves adore all videos however our fave video is Feet Want Out, Don’t we all want out?

bubbletanksBubble TanksKill all other bubble entities and assimilate their gas. The more gas you possess, the more hits you can take. Avoid the red projectiles fired by other battle bubbles.


Snakebird: What’s The Longest Possible Length A Bird Can Be?

SnakebirdIf you’re always asking yourself how long a bird can be, Snakebird was made for you.

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Game of the Week: Building Rush 2

Building Rush 2Make as much money as you possibly can before time runs out in Building Rush 2.

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The Habit List: Build a Better You

Habit ListHabit List is everything you need to reach your goals and more.

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