89 Steps: Living Los Sures

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89 Steps: Living Los SuresBrooklyn, NY has so much history that many know about, and many don’t. 89 Steps shows us a part of Brooklyn history that were so many people’s daily life.

89 Steps

89 Steps: Living Los SuresBrooklyn wasn’t always this hipster borough that many people know it has. Through history, those who lived in Brooklyn has faced daily struggles that are apart of their pasts and presents. 89 Steps is a film that represents the challenges that residents of the Southside of Brooklyn aced in the 1970s and 1980s. This film also represents the Puerto Rican and Dominican community, their strength, culture and determination to over come hardships in life. Today, this area s in a struggle between local identity and the Brooklyn lifestyle that many know today. 89 Steps is an interactive documentary highlighting the present of Brooklyn, and the past that is still a present to many.

89 Steps: Living Los Sures

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