80,000 Hours: Find a Fulfilling Career that Does Good

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 by

80,000 HoursThere are so many different careers to pursue in the world, but finding one that is fulfilling for many can be hard. 80,000 Hours helps individuals find careers that do good.

Good For Others, Good For You

80,000 HoursAt some point in our lives, the careers we choose is what we do for the rest of our working lives. When we start on the career paths, picking the right career may be harder than we thought. 80,000 Hours helps people make the right career choices, that can have a positive impact on the world. Right now, 80,000 Hours is geared towards recent graduates, but anyone is welcome to use it. Start by taking the career quiz and receive high impact career options you may have not thought of before. The career guide contains advice on how to choose a career with social impact. Since 80,000 Hours was formed, there has been over 500 career plan changes, millions of hours switched, new organizations have been founded and much more. Starting a career after graduation is a daunting process, so 80,000 Hours is helping you think outside the box and help you find what you really want to do, while doing some good.

80,000 Hours

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