1 Design Per Day – Well Designed Products!

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 by

1 Design Per Day – I like honest people, therefore I was happy reading the simple humble story behind 1 Design Per Day, the creator of 1 Design Per Day has to say the following: “I consider myself without any creative ability…maybe that’s why I’m so impressed from product designs that makes you say WOW…. This blog is a collection of product designs that inspire me, hope you will enjoy it too.” Maybe the creator (I couldn’t find who he or she is) doesn’t have any creative abilities but the creator surly has a great taste, each post is more interesting than the previous. I spent here a commendable amount of time going through well designed products. Among my favorite posts you can find: Writing on your toast, Glowing Sofa and a Modern Ladder.

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