Just An Average Day At The Beach: The Best Sand Art

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Just An Average Day At The Beach - The Best Sand ArtLife’s a beach, and we’re just playing in the sand.

A Bucket And Shovel Probably Won’t Get The Job Done

You probably have seen at least one creative sand art figure on the beach…and you were probably impressed when you saw the finished result too. Those who create sand art are artists, just playing with sand (and of course the water to build the structure) and their imagination. On a average day at the beach the most famous sighting on the beach is the sand castle, but here are some different types of sand art.

1. An angry Octopus is never your friend…

octopus2.  This castle is so realistic, when can I move in?

Castle3. The fight of the century: Batman VS Hulk

batman and hulk4. A girl and her dragon

Dragon and girl5. This is Sparta!Sand figure6. Your favorite Disney classics

King Lion7. Contemporary sand art exists too…

Sculpture8. Angry birds here and they’re ready to destroy everything

Angry birds9. Sorry bro, it’s just sand…

Woman10. This dog clearly isn’t as excited for the circus as I am

Circus and dog11. One of America’s most famous families

Simpsons12. Reality or Illusion?

Elephant213. “To infinity and beyond!”

Buzz14. Open for interpretation

People on boat15. This is an amazing mise en abyme, isn’t it?

Thinker16. A cool mermaid, with sunglasses, is waiting for you!

mermaid17. “I’m quite proud of my work…who is the boss now?”

Lion family19. Lincoln keeps an eye on the travelers

pirates20. A sand tribute to the Iron Lady

Thatcher iron lady21. Jolly Jumper waiting for its owner, Lucky Luke

Horse222. “Will you marry me?” You can’t say no with this sand figure

Marry me

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