24 Reasons Why Everyone Loves New York City

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24 Reasons Why Everyone Loves New York CityThese 24 reasons pinpoint the details that make a place as unique as New york City is. But when you’re talking about the greatest city in the world, 24 just won’t cut it…

New York is… well, New York

Everyone can see New York differently and everyone already had a different experience of New York. But generally, people all agree with one voice to say that New York City is the most amazing and most attractive city in the world. In New York, you can be whoever you want without being judged and the atmosphere that comes from the big apple is just intoxicating.

1. Best Hot Dogs in the World

Best hot dogs in the world2. Shouting Taxi Makes you Feel Good

Shouting Taxi makes you feel good 3. Central Park is One of the Most Beautiful Green Lungs in the World

Central Park is One of the Most Beautiful Green Lungs in the World4. Central Park at Night can be as Scary as a Horror Film

02901_800x4805. Nobody Can Say How Much Snow will fall at Winter

Snow storm in New York, America - 27 Dec 20106. The City Is Perpetually Packed with More Bodies Than you Could Ever Imagine

large7. Everything in New York is open 24/7

BlackFriday8. It’s The Liveliest Place you’ll Ever Experience

times-square-NYC9. Directors From all Around the World are Seeking to Shoot Their Films in New York

Nu-Boyana-Film-Studios-New-York-Set10. Rockfeller Center is the Home of the Most Famous Christmas Tree in the World

nyc-christmas-2011-0111. Everything in NYC is Bigger then Life!

berlin-nouvel-an-12. The Statue of Liberty is the Most Iconic American Image Imaginable

Statue-de-la-liberte-de-cote13. The NYC Skyline Is a Symbol of the Modern Metropolitan

1114. Halloween in New York Will Be the Craziest you’ll ever Experience

thriller_good_smokin_for_slide15. There are always Special Events for any Individual

1031_marathon_630x42016. They don’t call it The Big Apple for nothing you know…

newnewapplecube0811_610x44117. You can find a little bit of anything on the streets of NYC

4963426218. You Can Investigate the Entire City Without ever Getting Behind the Wheel and Have a blast!

danseurs-a-new-york-dans-le-metro19. It’s a city where you can be whoever you want and drink as much coffee as you can bear…

Why-Starbucks-Spells-Your-Name-Wrong20. You Can Eat Pretty Much Anything and at Any Time!

title221. The Whole World is in Love With The Jets’ Cheerleaders…

new-york-jets-cheerleaders22. It has great arenas, and its sport events has the best atmosphere!

15861350-mmmain23. From the 19th century to this very day, New York is the Most Legendary City in the World!

767px-Mulberry_Street,_New_York_City_(LOC_det.4a08193)24. NYC is truly the place where Dreams can and does Come True …


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